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About Me

It was all down hill from here.

It was all down hill from here.

Just your average guy, probably dumber than I think I am, but smart enough to know what matters.

I’ve been married since 1978 to a wonderful wife & friend (just the one person) who is obviously a patient person to still be hanging out with me.

I have two kids, the oldest my daughter who is out of college with degrees in Electrical Engineering & Business and is currently working in Alabama, the youngest my son who is midway through a degree in Computer Engineering.  Both great kids — though not really “kids” anymore.


Anyone can have their cake and eat it, too. Here’s my cake, I have it, now I’ll eat it. What you can’t do is eat your cake and have it, too.   -paraphrased from the Bob Newhart Show

I’d rather be up the creek without a paddle than down the creek without a paddle. After all, I can float down the creek.   -me

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