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Bible Believing Christians

January 12, 2014

I spend little time watching the news on television or reading news sites.  I trust my wife will let me know if something major happens, such as a presidential assignation*,  continent shearing earthquake, or fried chicken thighs being made illegal — the latter most likely impacting my life the most.  For the little stuff, I basically don’t really worry about (read: don’t really care).  In discovering over the years I can do so little about the things that actually impact my life, I’ve decided there’s no need to expend energy and time on the things I have zero ability to influence.  Apathy, you say?  Okay, fine.

However something lately caught my eye over the Duck Dynasty gay bashing flap.  I think I’ve watched a total of five minutes of Duck Dynasty, did so after someone suggested it was their “new favorite show,” but it held zero interest for me.  Then came the explosion of news coverage after one of the characters (are they characters if it’s reality TV?) made some ill-received statements in an interview and was kicked off the show.  I couldn’t help but have some drive-by info hit me at work, via social media, and so forth.

Two short notes I’ll point out before the main context of this post, the first being how a host of self professed Godly folks are lining up behind some pretty rude and vulgar comments, words and phrases that seem hard to defend as spoken by a man of God. The second was A&E’s statement that the views didn’t represent the show.  Really?  Do you understand what the word “reality” in reality TV means?  I don’t watch any reality TV, but from the bits and pieces I’ve seen or heard I suspect it has little foundation in reality so I’ll grant that to A&E — but isn’t the theoretical basis of a reality TV show supposed to be the real lives of the folks on the show?  Which would mean the values — like them or not — are what the people on the show say or do.

But to the point and the title of this post.  I’ve seen several people telling others through various social media outlets their view on this subject, and that’s all well and good.  What sticks in my personal craw, though, are the ones that state “if you are a bible believing Christian” you will, of course, be in lockstep with their view.  Come’on, Man!

There are over 40,000 Christian denominations** that presumably have at their core the Christian Bible.  If only five percent have some difference of opinion regarding what The Source has to say, that’s better than 2,000 differing opinions — yet, you are ready to claim such an insight from God that you can declare not only what you believe the bible has to say, but what is true beyond doubt!  Basically, you’re saying the study of this book — studied by millions, from eminent scholars to uneducated working men and women, studied over the course of centuries — can now end because you are the source of the final, only conclusion.  You must be proud.

Through the years I’ve read the bible cover to cover, much of it several times, along with many books on various parts and pieces of the bible.  I wouldn’t even think of suggesting I’ve sorted anything out as the absolute truth.  I do believe what I believe is correct (to do different is logically inconsistent), but I don’t contend there’s no chance I might be off base.

Anytime someone suggests they have special insight to God, decides they have determined exactly what’s right and wrong, indicates they know — I mean, they know — good from evil, I get nervous.  Not suggesting one shouldn’t share his or her beliefs — more power to you.  But when they decide those beliefs represent the absolute view from God, well, think People’s Temple, Branch Davidians, Heaven’s Gate — they all had it sorted out as well.

*When typing, I left out some letters by spelling “assassination” as “assination,” which spell-checked to “assignation;” left it assignation, it is much less violent and, these days, would likely capture the news longer (plus keeps the Secret Service off my website).

**Source is Wikipedia, so has to be true.

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