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$193.50 Lighter

January 6, 2014

Back on December 23 I finished my last day of work prior to the extended time off mentioned in my previous post here, and I happily headed home.  As in, ecstatic that I’ll have nearly two weeks away from the grind, with only routine reports, e-mails, and phone calls from the house.  Throw in the holiday celebrations and I’m a happy camper eager to finish my 1.5 hour commute.  My normal driving speed is X+4, with X being the posted speed limit.  You know, 59 in a 55, 69 in a 65, and so forth.  Granted, it’s breaking the barrier, but tends to slide by when you encounter a friendly law enforcement officer.

The small town of Okolona, MS, is part of my daily commute; over the seven+ years I’ve been making it, I’ve gone through there over 2,000 times without incident.  This time, though, my frustration was peaking as I approached Okolona and was trapped behind someone who had decided their velocity formula was X-5.  Now, they have every right to drive at that speed.  Maybe they are hypermiling, maybe they aren’t comfortable at those wild-n-crazy fifty-five MPH posted limits, or maybe they just weren’t in a hurry.  But I’m still frustrated because, due to oncoming traffic, I can’t pass — for about five miles.  So I get into Okolona (finally), and thankful the hypermiling plodder is headed somewhere other than P-Town and out of my way.  He is, but sure enough, another car makes the turn in front of me at a four-way stop, and now I’m back behind someone else.  He then turns in front of me onto Highway 41, hits the fifty-five MPH zone without notice, and is doing a stately fifty miles per hour.  I decided I was not going to drive fifty all the way to Pontotoc, gun it and go around, and yes, you guessed it long ago, the blue lights hit the rearview: 69 in a 55 (I said I gunned it).

Court date was Wednesday, the 8th, but I made today my day of retribution and stopped by Okolona’s city hall to drop off the aforementioned amount — driving X-3 through Okolona — and headed on home.  I probably will continue my normal X+4, but hopefully when a bit of long anticipated upgrades are completed I’ll be bypassing Okolona permanently on my daily commute — just coming about four months too late.

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