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Weekend’s End

November 11, 2013

It’s been a pretty nice weekend, all things considered.  Friday was an off day for me, work-wise, and I had scheduled a doctor’s appointment for that day.  I tend to visit my doc every six months whether I need to or not, just to keep an eye on things.  This time I had questions on several of those things to keep an eye on, but after I had been poked and prodded, had pee’d and bled, he confirmed the good news: I wasn’t dead.  [Thinking of becoming a poet.]  I split the visit into two parts, blood work when the doors opened at 8:00 AM, then back for a visit at 11:00 AM, so that was pretty much my morning.  In between the blood work and the doc visit, I met my parents for breakfast at a local Tupelo restaurant that has been around since I was a tyke — in fact, at one point I believe Shockley’s Restaurant was a fine dining establishment.  This was back before McDonald’s had arrived, let alone Outback, Applebee’s, Chili’s, Macaroni Grill, Longhorn Steakhouse, Logan’s, and many more chain and  non-chains restaurants that entered the area over the past fifty years.  Fine dining has a sliding scale depending on the size of the town, but Shockley’s wouldn’t really fill that bill these days, even for Tupelo.  Somewhat run down now, but still has a great breakfast and good coffee, friendly staff and reasonable prices.  I enjoyed the food and the time with Mom & Dad.

Greenspeed Magnum on Tanglefoot Trail

The Tanglefoot Trail
Mile Marker #28

The afternoon was spent riding my Greenspeed Magnum with Tanya, and I made the longest outing to date of just over fifteen miles.  At the end of the ride I was exhausted, and pretty much collapsed once home, didn’t move other than flipping between one inane TV channel or the other.  I’m trying to figure the best method of gaining ground in my riding excursions, and I think that one about overdid it.  I asked for some advice on the Bent Rider Online forums, and one gentlemen suggested basically doing what I did, but then repeat until I can make the ride without being exhausted, then push out again.  I think I’ll try that, make the fifteen mile ride each weekend until I can handle each half-leg non-stop.  We did go back out Saturday morning, made a nice nine mile ride, and I finished the return trip without pause.  Normally I rest every two or three miles, but went the 4.5 without a rest break along the way.  In any case, almost twenty-five miles for the two days, total of over fifty miles on the trike now, I’m pretty stoked.

The photos included were taken along the Tanglefoot on the stretch between Pontotoc and Ecru.  I’m looking north(ish) in both, as can be seen by the shadows.  I’m usually too tired on the return trip during these

Greenspeed Magnum on Tanglefoot Trail

The Tanglefoot Trail
Just South of Ecru

cycling excursions to stop for photos.  I didn’t take the camera on the Ingomar to Ecru (and back) nine mile ride, but should have.  Some nice scenery along that stretch.  Tanya thinks it’s the prettiest we have seen so far.

Saturday night was spent taking Tanya’s Dad & Mom out to celebrate her Dad’s 77th birthday.  Her Mom and Dad always prefer Mexican, so we went to our standby Mexican Restaurant, Da Casa on West Main in Tupelo.  Most of the local Mexican restaurants are interchangeable, but all things being equal we tend to gravitate to this one for some reasons.  Likely the margaritas are stronger, but that’s just a guess.   Anytime we are out with Tanya’s Mom & Dad, they always prefer Mexican food and they always both order the same dish: chimichangas.  I guess if you find a good thing, you stick with it.

Sunday was basically a down day for me.  Tanya was feeling under the weather, so visited a local health clinic and after a shot and some meds, she’s feeling a bit better.  Zach had it last week, so I suspect I’ll feel my sinuses start filling up Tuesday or Wednesday.  But I’m drinking lots of orange juice and maybe it’ll ward off the illness.

My pro football watching was a tad disappointing, as I did watch Green Bay play; they lost, but considering the Packer’s quarterback was Scott Tolzien and, no offense Scott, but nobody (including Scott) expected him to on an NFL team two weeks ago, let alone playing three-and-a-half quarters.  He handled it well in my opinion, and even if Seneca Wallace is over the groin injury that kicked him out of the game, I might give Tolzien the reps this week.  With some practice, those mistakes might go away, and he moved the team up and down the field.

Well, that’s pretty much my weekend.  Didn’t do anything on the novel, sadly, but made some ground on lifestyle changes.  Overall a nice weekend; too bad it has to be ruined by a Monday showing up tomorrow.

Hope all’s well with you, World.

Your friend,


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