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Cycling – One Goal Met

November 5, 2013

A couple of weeks have gone by, so wanted to catch my blog posts up on the cycling.  Last weekend I went out to Oxford Bicycle Company on Friday (10/25) and bought clipless pedals (you know they are clipless, because they have clips on them) and a pair of Specialized shoes.  They were tight when I tried them, but I’m told they are supposed to be tight.  I really wanted to move to clipless pedals, so went with it.  The next day we went riding on the Tanglefoot Trail, and my feet were in excruciating pain by mile 1.5.  At two miles I gave it up and headed back, really kicking it the last mile –  I had to get out of those shoes!  They were just too tight.

Tanglefoot Trail MM21

The Tanglefoot Trail
Mile Mark 21

I have posted a couple of notes on the Bentrideronline forums and had received a private message from someone who lives in my area, North Mississippi.  He drives to the trail most weekends and rides, and we did bump into him on the trail.  He suggested trying sandals, so after giving up early and heading back home I found a pair of Nashbar Ragster II Cycling Sandals on Amazon, so ordered them that afternoon.  We went riding this past weekend and things worked out much better, went just over eleven miles, so hit my goal of making a ten mile ride before the end of the year after only four weeks.  Made me happy, and also changed my target to making a twenty-five mile ride by year end — in my mind, a very ambitious target.

I did take my Nikon D5100, but the photo here is nothing to brag about.  I’ll start thinking a bit about composition (and every other aspect of photography) as I learn the camera, but I did want to throw in the photo.  It’s a touch of the scenery on the Tanglefoot Trail, and the mile marker in the background — the distant background, not the white sign — is mile marker 21.  My plan, over time, is to photograph Rocinante, my Greenspeed Magnum, at each mile marker along the trail.  I’ll do better with the next photo and ensure all of Rocinante is included in the picture.

That’s about it for today, world.  Hope all is well with you.

Your friend,


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