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Tuesday Morning Thoughts

October 22, 2013

I was never really a Neil Sedaka fan and don’t know if breaking  up is actually hard to do but, this morning, waking up was hard to do.  Didn’t want to get up and head to the salt mine, stayed up later than I ought to have done, and to no major purpose.  Tanya and I watched a few DVR’d TV shows,.  I had finished volume three of the Engineering Trilogy, so had downloaded Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid.  A friend had told me she was watching the TV show Haven, and I saw it was (loosely?) based on The Colorado Kid.  Unfortunately  after downloading it (and paying for it), I realized  I had  already read it.  It wasn’t in my Kindle library, but I think I had read it on the Nook back when I used it.  I hate doing that.  But I did go ahead and read several pages deciding whether I’ll continue reading it, still haven’t decided.

I do have Grisham’s Sycamore Row due in today in hardback, but still need an e-book for lunch reading at the salt mine.  For now I’ll probably just keep on going with The Colorado Kid.

Speaking of the salt mine, I find it funny (in a sad way) when someone says to me a particular task “should be a priority.”  Every day I try and sort out which item on my list is most likely to get me in trouble if it isn’t done today.  Hell, if I’m working on it, it’s a priority; I’m overloaded with priorities.  Anyway, enough of the salt mine; that’s not for here.

Hope your morning is starting out well, World.

Your friend,


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