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October 17, 2013

Completed a couple of books recently, one being Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep, the other John Sandford’s Storm Front.

Doctor Sleep is a a sequel to The Shining, written long ago (you can do the work and look up exactly when).  I’m pretty sure I saw the movie version of The Shining in it’s entirety, though I may just be remembering a couple of scenes with Jack Nicholson that tend to stick out — particularly  the “Here’s Johnny” line.  I read the book, of course, and Doctor Sleep moves us to present day.  I don’t say much about books I read because I don’t want to spoil anything (as I so very much hate having someone do that to me), so I’ll just say it was a pretty good read, if you are a King fan don’t miss this one.

Storm Front is a Virgil Flowers novel; I always enjoy Sandford’s writing, particularly enjoy his Flowers novels, and this one was no exception.  You can usually count on Sandford to deliver entertainment value, and Storm Front does so as well.

I had interrupted reading K. J. Parker’s third book of the Engineering Trilogy, The Escapement.  I’m back reading it now.  I can recommend the Engineering Trilogy, I suppose, though I’ve not been thrilled with the direction some turns have taken.  I reserve the right to withdraw that recommendation after finishing this concluding book.

Still working on the audio book Night Film on the commute, so nothing new to report on it at present.

That’s all for now, World.  Have a good afternoon.

Your friend,


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