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The Greenspeed Magnum

October 14, 2013

I said in my previous post I need to begin getting in better physical shape, but didn’t really mention that doing so means trying to make up for years (and years) of neglecting the physical.  No exercise, sedentary hobbies, and paying little attention to my diet.  We have a nice Landice L7 treadmill and I’ve tried a time or two to start back using it.  It worked well in the past, and at one point I lost 70 pounds by going an hour every morning on the treadmill and just paying a bit more attention to what I ate (I did, however, find the lost pounds over the following three years).  But these days I can’t last more than ten or fifteen minutes before my back is in enough pain to drive me off.  I’m enough out of shape I couldn’t last much longer anyway, but it severely limits moving forward with the treadmill.  So after a fair amount of research (helped by the fact my weight filtered out most options) my wife, Tanya, and I went down to Ride South Recumbents this past Friday to check out a Greenspeed Magnum.

Greenspeed Magnum

Greenspeed Magnum

Ride South is located in Jackson, MS, (or, technically I think, Brandon, MS).  I can’t give you a real comparison on bike shops, as I’ve only been in two or three in my life, but Ride South was a nice place, lots of bikes and  trikes, and in any case even at 3.5 hours away was the only Greenspeed dealer anywhere around.   The Magnum Trike is made by Australian manufacturer Greenspeed, and can handle a 400 pound rider plus a bit of of baggage as well.  They are a tad expensive, and since we don’t do debt, there was a bit of budget rearranging to be able to swing it, but if all went well I planned to bring one back.

Well, all must of went very well, because before we left we had managed to talk Jim Snider of Ride South into letting us take two Magnum trikes off his hands (wasn’t very hard to talk him into it).  The first one I sat on was a tad too short, so Tanya decided to sit in it, see how it felt.  Jim, being a helpful fellow, threw open the double doors and suggested Tanya take it for a spin.

“Where can I go?” Tanya asked.

“Anywhere you want, just be back by six,” Jim replied.

Tanya hung around the parking area and the adjacent streets, only rode for a few minutes, but it was love at first pedal.  She came back and I knew we would be buying two.  She got the blue, I got the red (pictured), and Jim got them ready while we grabbed some lunch at the nearby Fresh Market Cafe and did a bit of shopping in the Jackson area.

By the time we got home, it was too dark to ride, but the next morning, Saturday, we loaded them back into the pickup and drove the mile or so to the recently opened Tanglefoot Trail, a rails-to-trails project that spurred this entire shopping spree.  We made it a short ride because I need to ease into it to avoid any sudden ill affects such as a massive heart attach or something, but the Magnum was fun to ride and very comfortable.  I felt good being outdoors — something rare to the extreme for me — and we had a nice time on the Tanglefoot.  I did learn I need some experience on managing the gears (27 speed), but hopefully that will come with time.  Tanya and my son Zach then headed for Alabama to visit our daughter, spending the night, and I took a solo spin on local roads and found a 7% grade hill is easier to go down than up, and the trike became exhausted so I had to walk it up the hill.

So, few bucks spent to get started on becoming more physically fit, we will see how things go.  I had to spend an hour or so beating the budget back into submission, may delay some cosmetic work we planned to do on the house — but we decided if we are out riding our trikes it won’t matter what the house looks like.  🙂

That’s about it; see ya, World.

Your friend,


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