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Quick Thoughts

October 14, 2013

Start of the work week, work is still aptly named: they don’t call it fun.  Not a bad weekend, as a percentage increase, I cycled an infinite (or undefined) amount more than the five or ten years combined.  So, exercise was up.  Didn’t work on the novel any, that’s bad.  Watched too much TV; finished off the first season of Orange is the New Black and watched some football.  Green Bay won, though barely, and lost some key components to their offensive.  Hopefully Cobb and Jones will be back quickly.  Miss State won, though barely, and against a team they should have beat handily.  Ole Miss fought a great fight, losing to A&M on a game  ending field goal.  So, good, good, bad.

Finished off Doctor Sleep by Stephen King, started Storm Front by John Sandford.   Current audio book is Night Film by Marisha Pessl for the drive from work.  Oddly I rarely listen on the way to work.

Well, that’s it for a quick Monday update.  Hope your day is starting out well, World.

Your friend,


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