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February 5, 2012

It’s Superbowl Sunday, it’s closing in on 4:00p, and I haven’t turned on the TV yet. If you knew my history around the Superbowl, you’d be surprised. Shocked. Your aback would be taken. Superbowl watching for me started with the first mention on ESPN and ended with the last coverage long after the game was over. It isn’t so much that I’m not interested, just that “opportunity lost” concept I mentioned on my last Ramblings post – though it can be said I still wasted my time: I spent the last several hours moving all of my old posts from blogspot to here. But they are all here now, one contiguous whole that (hopefully) links back to back to back to run through them. While limited interest to most, I found it interesting to read through all of the old entries.

Oh, I will watch he Superbowl and all the commercials; I can miss Madonna at halftime, so can catch up on the DVR from any bathroom breaks. I’ve got to get started soon on the guacamole and the salsa as time’s running to get them made, but I don’t miss all of the pregame hoopla.

I also noticed in going back over all of the various posts how much less I’m reading. Sure, some is due to my long drive (finished listening to the audio book 11/22/63 by Stephen King; more on that later) and I tend to find more to occupy myself, over the past several months (years), largely television. This past couple of weeks I’ve not been watching any TV, though, and I still didn’t do much fiction reading. I have read a lot about gardening, homesteading, self-sustainability. No, not going survivalist on you, just want to have more control of what goes on the table. Probably more on that, later, as well.

But mostly just wanted to post a “January’s Over” post; 1/12 of the year gone, and if I look at what I’ve accomplished, not much – but I did move most of the goals mentioned last post forward. Weight headed in the correct direction (though today won’t help), have received the compost bin brackets and the garden cart wheels are en route, the shop is a little cleaner, and I’ve watched much less television. You have to walk before you run; we’ll see how February goes.

Anything exciting over the past month? No, not really. Business trip to Atlanta, lots of time spent at work, took a few days off though it wasn’t the days I originally planned. It seems of late I tend to have to cancel any plans I make that require time off because there’s always something happening at the mill that requires me (according to me, I’ll admit) to be there. It’s a really good job, no major complaints – but it can be taxing at times.

Enough for today.

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