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Fall From Reality

June 13, 2008

So SWMBO and I are picking up a prescription when a guy comes up and asks if he can go ahead of us. We let him, because he looks like he has problems . . . considering he has horse hooves where his hands should be, metal replacements for legs, and a two foot finger growing out of his stomach. Face it, you gotta let this fellow cut line for drugs. While waiting, he complains about the government stopping his benefits from his service in the Vietnam war, where he got these various and sundry replacement parts grafted on to replace missing body parts. I’m thinking first that the doctors who did this should be shot, and second that it still doesn’t explain the giant finger growing out of his stomach. I don’t ask, though, because I’ve always made it a practice not to say anything that could tweak the sensibilities of hoof-handed, bionic-legged Vietnam veterans.

He gets his prescription and drives off in a go-cart with plywood attached to the sides and back, where he does doughnuts and trick driving in the parking lot until he crashes and, somehow defying gravity, goes flying over the top of an eighteen wheeler — at which point SWMBO and I are in the trailer of an eighteen wheeler which has been outfitted as a camper; full kitchen, bath, and — oh, yeah — a bed in which we were sleeping and, turns out, I was dreaming the go-cart riding Vietnam Vet.

While riding along in the eighteen-wheeler trailer/camper, we had crashed and our eighteen-wheeler camper/trailer crash coincided with the go-cart crash of the dream that woke me. When I get out to see what caused the crash we are actually not in an eighteen-wheeler trailer/camper but in a train car (I recently read Water for Elephants – may be the source of the train car). Climbing down from the train car I realize it makes no sense that we would be riding around in a train car so this must still be a dream. (Apparently hoof-handed, bionic-legged folks with fingers growing out of their stomachs make enough sense to pass for reality.) I mentally shake myself and wake up at home in bed with SWMBO, though for some reason I’m sleeping crossways along the foot of the bed. Well, a few other odds and end happen in the next couple of minutes (of dream time anyway) at which point I actually do wake up; I’m not sleeping cross ways along the foot of the bed but in the normal position and had been still dreaming. So, of course, I grab a cup of coffee (obviously needed) and sit here now typing this out.

For reasons of brevity (yeah, I know, you’re thinking “too late now”) I’m leaving out the potlatch tank, the Christmas die-cast truck contest, and waking up lost and parked in someone’s driveway. Along with more mundane happenings, these all occurred in last nights fall from reality. I’ve dreamed I was dreaming before but I think this may be the first time I ever dreamed I was dreaming that I was dreaming that I was dreaming. Assuming my waking up parked in a stranger’s driveway was a horizontal and not vertical experience, I think that’s as deep as it goes because I think — I think — I’m awake now. But if you would, do me a favor and pinch yourself to be sure you’re awake; hey, if you’re awake while reading this then I must be awake as well.

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