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Overshare #1

July 27, 2006

I was sitting on the toilet of the master bedroom bathroom last night and had a thought: we’ve lived here for almost thirteen years, and I’ve probably averaged at least one stop per day on that toilet. Oh, I’ve been out of town from time to time, but the occasional bout of intestinal flu has easily carried the average, so figure at least once/day. That’d be around 4,745 visits of a sit-down nature.

Now, figuring five minutes per visit, that’d be over sixteen days of sitting in there. During each visit, without fail, I take something to read. Figuring a conservative five pages per visit, that’d be the equivalent of something like seventy-five books. The thought last night was that I don’t really like the bathroom off of our master bedroom. Considering I’ve spent sixteen days sitting in there reading seventy-five books, I think it’s about time I fixed it up to be somewhere I enjoy hanging out. New curtains, redo the cabinets, perhaps a television . . . I wonder if they make a combination lazyboy/toilet?


Shane (mississip) said…

I’ve been around you during bathroom visits and 5 minutes is a WAY underestimate!!! 🙂

Rick said:

I expected a comment from you on this one asking: “Shouldn’t this be titled ‘Overshare #2?'”

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