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What’s for Supper?

July 19, 2006

Supper was a bit different tonight, as we started to roast a hen in the oven but decided it was so hot we didn’t want to put two hours of extra pressure on the AC system. Instead, I fired up the Weber kettle, butterflied and split the chicken into two halves, and grilled them outside. The cooking had three things going against it: 1) I’ve not cooked a hen like this before, and it was a fairly big bird (around 8 pounds, I think), and 2) I think it was one of those “enhanced” birds, so wasn’t sure how that would affect it, and 3) the bird was bought and frozen about six months ago, so could have been fresher.

In any case, it cooked in about an hour and a half and, while pretty, was really a touch tough to eat. It had a great flavor, but seemed a bit “chewy.” Overall, not really a success. But the rice pilaf I made from leftover rice was good, and the veggies were cooked in foil on the grill and were fantastic. All in all, pretty good, but I think the hen would have come out better if done in the oven in a roasting bag. Not as good as the smoked chickens I did on the fourth, but better than tonight’s effort.

Also just a note that I visited the new Mecca: our new Wal-mart Supercenter. It is, of course, much bigger than the old one and there are lots of choices in the grocery section that haven’t been available here. Parking lot freshly striped, shelves new, floors new and shiny, and most noticeable of everything, new buggies that rolled straight. Yes, no flapping wheels or hard pulls left or right, but brand new buggies that were a joy to drive. Won’t last, but I’ll enjoy it while I can; I’m a “simple pleasures” kind’a guy.

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