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We’re a Big Dot Now

July 19, 2006

Just a quick post to say Rand McNally should be changing the dot-size for our town, as the new Super Center Wal-mart opened today. I’m fairly certain that’s what dictates the dot size: no Wal-mart, non-grocery Wal-mart, Super Center Wal-mart, then the multiple Wal-mart dots (2 Wal-marts, 3 Wal-marts, 4 Wal-marts, etc.).

That’s my theory, anyway; nothing to do with population.

I didn’t make the five minute trip, though SWMBO did; she tells me it is was packed. She also tells me meats are, as expected, the same as the other Wal-marts: “enhanced” (read salty-water injected) crap shipped in prepackaged. But otherwise, lots of neat things that haven’t been available without driving to the “big city” (Tupelo). I’ll be checking it out soon, I’ve no doubt.

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