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Channel Surfing

June 12, 2006

I was channel surfing last night–or actually, around one or two this morning–when I stumbled across the Kathy Griffin television show (whatever it’s called). I’ve seen Griffin do stand-up and found her pretty funny but wasn’t particularly interested in watching her show. But I did pause for a moment because of what was going on. Apparently, Griffin’s show — or at least this segment — was about her appearance on Tyra Bank’s television show. I have no idea who Tyra Banks is or why she has a television show, but I did find it interesting that TV has fallen to the point that one celebrity’s television  show is about appearing on another celebrity’s television show, and spends the time stroking each other’s ego. Perhaps these various inane shows will soon limit themselves to just appearing on each other’s shows, and then swap the tapes directly to clear the channels for something with a bit more intelligence included.

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