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Square Foot Garden Update

May 5, 2006

Here are a few of the plants growing in the Meth Lab (re: Meth Lab, see the post Brussels Sprouts in the Meth Lab) that will be going into my square foot garden later on, come transplanting time. Most everything planted so far is up, the exception being most of the pepper plants and one or two of the Swiss chard. In the picture (on which you can click for a larger image, should you want to do so) the two cups in the foreground (#53 & #54) are Swiss chard, behind that are (left to right) a bell pepper and a banana pepper. All the cups behind that are various lettuces; immediately behind the peppers could be anything as they came from a package of Mesclun salad mix, on the back row are grand rapids lettuce plants, and just in front of the back row are salad bowl lettuce plants.

This is my first year to try and start seeds indoors, and as has been documented previously here on Mississippi Ramblings, I’ve had some setbacks. I have to say I sincerely hope this works out. I’ve had a ton of trouble with the cheap grow lights I bought from Walmart. Every time I go by, one or two or even three have stopped burning. Either squeezing the ends toward each other, shifting the bulbs a bit, or banging on one particular one always gets them going again but I never know really how much of the time they are supposed to be on they are actually lighting the plants.

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