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Square Foot Garden – Produce!

April 17, 2006

The picture at left, clickable for a bigger picture, will be part of tonight’s dinner. I’m going to make a couple of chef salads for SWMBO and I, and SWMBO is picking up a burger for Number One Son. As today includes the first non-lettuce produce from the square foot garden, I just had to photograph and include it.

I harvested the greens from several kinds of lettuce along with some Swiss Chard. The radishes are Icicle Radishes (you’ll hopefully get from where the name comes) and it’s interesting to see in how many variations just those half-dozen radishes grew.

Given how many lettuce squares I planted, along with four Swiss Chard squares, we’ll have plenty for salads until the lettuce starts to play out. I’ll probably plant another square or two of Swiss Chard to replace the lettuce as it gives way come hotter weather. The sad part is, though I’ll try shade cloth, I figure the lettuce will be gone by the time the tomato plants start producing eatable tomatoes. I’m hoping at least the sugar snap peas will make it into a salad or two with lettuce from my garden prior to the lettuce playing out. Though I followed the time-table for the sugar snap peas, I believe I could have planted them much earlier — and will attempt to do so next year.

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