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Square Foot Garden Update

April 7, 2006

There have been a fair number of changes since my last update. Almost everything has been transplanted from the indoor seeding area to the square foot garden. Below is a picture of my four square foot garden beds taken today. Clicking it gives a larger (800 X 600) image.

The back beds have home-built trellises, made from some scrap wood I had after tearing down the playhouse that used to be on the concrete pad. This will allow the back row of beds A1, A2, and A3 to have climbing vegetables. The left bed has tomatoes, the center sugar snap peas, and the right has both cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.

The overall plan I had in mind allows for nine beds on the concrete pad, three rows (row A, B, and C) of three beds (1, 2, and 3) each. So for my purposes of keeping up with everything the back row of beds is row A1, A2, and A3 with the front single bed being Bed C2. Inside each 4′ X 4′ bed, there are sixteen planting squares which I number from A1 in the upper left corner to D4 in the lower right corner.

Below is a picture of Bed A3, and the individual plantings that match up are Cherry Tomatoes in squares A1 & A2, cucumbers in squares A3 & A4, a bell pepper in square B1, square B2 is empty, B3 & B4 have Swiss Chard, C1 & C2 along with D3 & D4 have lettuce (various kinds, though I’ve recorded which kinds), square C3 & C4 have onions, and D1 & D2 have radishes. The image can be clicked for a larger version.

I plan to publish additional pictures every couple of weeks or so as I go. So far, the only food coming out is the lettuce that just came up from dormant seeds left in Bed A2, square D1. But we have had several salads from it, as well as lettuce for sandwiches. See my post God’s Little Chuckle for details on this particular lettuce square. I did add two lettuce plants to the square when I transplanted all of the other lettuce.

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