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God’s Little Chuckle

March 14, 2006

As noticed if you read my blog, I’ve been working on getting some seeds started early for my square foot garden. This has been a bit of a task, requiring the purchase of numerous “grow lights” (2′ relabeled under-counter fluorescent lights), much fussing around, restarting some, and so forth. But the results have been dozens of plants poking up in coffee cups getting ready to be transplanted. The picture above is one such plant, a Grand Rapids lettuce plant, that is doing quite well – the quarter is for size reference. It will soon be moving out from the house to the square foot garden; I’ll probably start this weekend moving the lettuces out to the patio to harden them, then the following weekend transplant into the square foot garden. The idea, of course, is I can have really nice plants growing that much quicker, therefore reaching harvest much faster than just planting the seeds in the garden.

Speaking of the square foot garden (and getting around to the title of the post), in doing some work there this past weekend I noticed something. Given all of my effort, time, money, attention, and restarts I achieved the picture shown above. The picture below shows what I found growing from seeds scattered last fall that didn’t sprout, also with a quarter for reference. They have had no attention, no effort, no money other than the original seed; they just grew. When I was working in the garden this past weekend and thinking about my efforts and those lettuces in the cup, and how little effort I had put into these . . . just for a second . . I think I heard a heavenly chuckle.


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