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That’s a Funny Dog

February 21, 2006

On a recent morning as I was still in bed, more asleep than awake, I had a joke pop into mind. Not one I’d heard, but one that was sort of created from my dreams. A woman is at an upscale hotel, talking to the concierge and explaining that her husband is a bit daft. While he’s harmless, he doesn’t really have a one-to-one relationship with reality anymore. She asks the concierge to please inform the staff of her husband’s condition and treat him kindly, just playing along with him in his delusions. As someone is approaching, she glances back and then says to the concierge “Here’s Henry now,” to which the concierge looks, then replies “But madam, that’s a schnauzer!”

Now, I realize the joke isn’t really funny, the gist of it being the lady whose been doing all of this “husband is crazy” explanation is the one who’s nuts. But what occurred to me later is that my subconscious didn’t come up with “But madam, that’s a German shepherd!” or “that’s a collie!” or “that’s a Labrador retriever!” For some reason, when my mind wanted humor, it picked a schnauzer. I don’t even know anyone with a schnauzer. I’ve never known anyone with a schnauzer. I don’t think I’ve even met a schnauzer. Are schnauzers funny animals?

Note: Oh, and I know that picture of the schnauzer sucks, but I’m still enjoying my Wacom pad, so suck or not, I’m sticking my pictures up here. 

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