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Gardening in Bed

February 12, 2006

This past Friday night I fixed SWMBO and myself a mocha bianca with whipped cream (forgot the shot of vanilla), a large cup each. After drinking this (which was pretty darn good) neither of us could get to sleep; it was around three-thirty before we even turned in. We ended up sleeping until almost ten, something we haven’t done in a long time. While still lying in bed, we turned on the television and I noticed something, a bit of a disconnect in thinking in my opinion. 

I’ve noticed before, but never really thought about it, that Saturday morning is prime time for gardening shows, home improvement project shows, and the like. Yet the very people these are aimed at are not in front of a television – they’re out in the garden, or working on the lawn, or doing home improvement projects. I wonder if that’s ever occurred to any of the network execs who do the scheduling? It could have, and unbeknownst to me the shows are actually aimed at couch potatoes who enjoy work, just work being done by other folks. I’ll admit, I woke up this morning much less sore from watching work yesterday than from doing work last weekend. 

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