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Brussels Sprouts in the Meth Lab

February 3, 2006

I built a plastic-covered frame to start seeds in for my square foot garden, and the kids have christened it the Meth Lab. From what little I have picked up on the manufacture of methamphetamine, mostly while watching cop shows on television,it doesn’t involve plastic enclosed areas with “grow lights,” but if the kids don’t know what it takes to start a home-version of a meth lab, I’m kind’a happy that’s the case. Thankfully, they didn’t mention my contraption looking like a friend’s indoor marijuana farm, which it probably more closely resembles than a meth lab.

But while it might not be useful as a meth lab, it is working as originally designed; my first seeds to go into it were Brussels sprouts, planted this past Sunday, and as you can see they’re already poking their heads out. These get set outdoors in two or three weeks, and will be the first plants to be transplanted into my square foot garden. Nobody but me is particularly excited about the Brussels sprouts or, for that matter, the square foot garden. But I’m having fun.

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