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Weekly Dashoard

January 16, 2006

Yo, World (“yo” being what the kid’s say these days – I think):

Above you’ll see two weekly dashboards, the first for week one of 2006, the second for week two. I intend to post these weekly, though of course I’ve intended to do things in the past that didn’t occur. But, generally speaking, the meters on the board represent measurement of different aspects of my life over the past week. They’re primarily a measurement for me to look back at, and a method of accountability as well. As to what each means, while fairly self-explanatory, I’ll briefly list. Spiritual has to do with reading the Bible, prayer, study, etc. Family is how well I did in working on maintaining and strengthening my family ties with SWMBO, Number One Daughter, and Number One Son. Things are pretty good, and hopefully they’ll stay that way. Health is how well I have done with my diet (as in food you eat, not so much a specific methodology for losing weight) and exercise. Mental is a measure of how well I stretched my brain the previous week, sort of Covey’s Sharpen the Saw bit. It’ll include reading fiction, non-fiction, and any other mind-stretching activities. Writing is a measurement for my efforts in fictional prose I have attempted from time to time, and lastly Work, which gives measure of how well the week went in the efforts of my gainful employment.

So, recapping the two weeks, Spiritual hasn’t done so well. In fact, due to a few circumstances, we’ve missed church the past couple of weeks so I can’t even count that as a plus for these two weeks. It needs addressed.

The Family measurement was biased a bit as I was out of town for two days of week one and five days of week two. Given that, I can’t say it was all that bad. Health, or the lack of effort there, I’m blaming on my bad knee that still hasn’t healed up properly along with the out of town including business meals – meals of steak and lobster, prime rib, various seafoods, and tons of other choices at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But it has to be improved.

Mental measurement is not as high as I’d like; one thing I want to accomplish is at least one non-fiction book per month along with various other magazines – basically anything that sharpens the mental processes. I’ll be taking up Jack Welch’s Winning that was given to we employee’s from our boss week one, so that’ll move the notch up a bit.But I did finish up Forever Odd by Koontz, along with reading several stories from P. G. Wodehouse’s Ukridge collection (an Overlook Press printing). If you’ve not discovered P. G. Wodehouse, do yourself a favor and find a book or two. He’s the reason you associate “Jeeves” with knowledgeable butlers.

Lastly, Work was partially stymied because week one was mostly planning at the office and week two was spent, all week, at a conference. But some business was accomplished as well as, hopefully, groundwork laid for the future.

Again, this stuff is mostly for me, not that much interest to passers-by, so I’ll apologize, World, for boring you with it. Expect to be bored once per week – well, once for this particular message type. I’ll bore you with other stuff at other times.

Your friend,



Shane said:
I am not sure how many nonfiction books you have on your list but I am reading a great one right now you should borrow. It is simply called “Survive!” and is a true story about a guy who crash lands his Maule (sp?) plane into a mountain and tries to hike several days through the Sierra mountains in sub-freezing temps to survive. It has a lot of information about piloting that I bet you’d like and is a read that’s hard to put down!

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