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Philosophical Musings

December 31, 2005

Every now and then, to kill a little time, I tend to read random blogs by clicking the “next blog” button. What with the ones who write in a language I can’t read, the ones who start music playing or throw up pop-ups, and the many which have a total of one post (all of which I leave without reading), probably ninety-five percent are a waste. Of the remaining five percent, maybe one in twenty I actually spend a bit of time reading. Lots of clicking with little result, but remember I’m just killing time so no big deal.

I spent a bit of time today doing the click thing, and noticed (as expected this time of year) that there’s a lot of self-analyzation going on. People looking back and looking forward, assessing how the past year went and setting goals for the coming year. All good things, of course. But some times the self-analyzation turns to philosophical musing.

I’ve noticed something when people begin to philosophize: most (me included) sound like idiots. Oh, I know, at the time we picture the text as a fount of wisdom, but I’d bet if we let it sit The Thinkerfor a week or two, it’d appear as what it is: either hashing what’s been said a thousand times or more, dragging up three and four syllable words to state the obvious, or just pretty much idiocy.

What got me to thinking about this was one guy’s take on the new year, and “the nature of happiness.” When someone starts to wax philosophical about “the nature of” any human emotion, get ready for some laughs. I’ll give him credit for ambitiousness as he started from our “unicellular past” and worked his way up. Sex was involved, as was candy (though he was off-base on both). His conclusion seemed to be that happiness is always related to the survival of the species, then immediately contradicted the conclusion with his summation on why we are happy at New Year’s.

Ah, well, it was a fun read anyway. So keep those musing coming. I’ll probably throw one in from time to time so you can laugh at me as well.

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