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Dear World:

December 19, 2005

Please note the following information:

advise: To offer advice to

advice: Opinion about what could or should be done about a situation or problem

People give advice. You give advice. I give advice. Financial managers give advice. Marriage counselors give advice. Neither you, I, financial managers, nor marriage counselors, give “advise.” When you give advice, you have advised someone. When they give you advice, they have advised you.

So don’t thank someone for their “advise” thank them for their advice or thank them for being an advisor. And don’t ask people for “advise,” ask them for advice or ask them to advise you.

Thank you, World.

Your friend,



Shane said:
Actually, GOOD marriage counselors neither advise or give advice, they try to assist the married couple figure out their problem themselves! (We individuals rarely respond to advice we get anyway, but we usually follow along with whatever we believe we have figured out.)

Rick (Me):
Okay, three things:

1 – counselor: A person who gives counsel; an adviser.

2 – if the married couple figures out the marriage counselor should be shot, I’d bet the marriage counselor would quickly decide to give a bit of advice.

3 – Ya missed the whole point of the post.


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