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It’s starting to look . . .

December 13, 2005

. . . a lot like Christmas. Sitting here as today turns to tomorrow, the Christmas tree lights flashing, presents piled high, Christmas music playing (occasionally; currently it’s Billy Squier – All Night Long), I’m thinking it’s been a pretty good year, all things considered. I’ll reminisce more on that, I suppose, as the year’s end gets closer.

As to Christmas, I think we’ve knocked out all the shopping, and the gifts really are piled pretty high; some big boxes this year, if not more gifts. We actually stayed within 50% of the budget — partially by raising the budget, but still. I blew it on SWMBO’s gift, but I knew it was something she’d like to have. And while I love getting stuff, I find I enjoy giving her things she’d like to have more than getting things I’d like to have. Not enough more that I’m willing to give up getting gifts, but enough that I blow the budget to get her something I think she’ll love receiving. I know what you’re thinking – love like that should be rewarded by some random stranger who happens by this blog. When it comes to rewards, by the way, I prefer cash.

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