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Of Secret Window and Movie Reviews

November 25, 2005

I’m not sure why I started sticking my opinion of movies here, because I hate reviewing them. I can’t do a true movie review because, since I hate finding anything out prior to seeing a movie, I don’t want to say anything about the movie. So my reviews, when boiled down, are pretty generic. For example, with the movie Titanic, I obviously wouldn’t mention that the ipshay inksays in the end, but I also wouldn’t want to mention any particulars of the movie. That said, while I may continue to post a review of the movies I watch (or may not, it’ll be a random thing), they will be very generic in nature.

And all of that said, Secret Window: Bottom line, I liked the Stephen King novella (Secret Window, Secret Garden) better. I always find it amusing when a movie maker (be it the producer, the script writer, whoever) takes a story they paid a gazillion bucks for — because it was good — and decide they, an unheard of writer, can make it better than the guy/gal who has millions of satisfied readers. They almost always fail. But the movie ending wasn’t particularly bad, just not as satisfying as it would be had they followed King’s story-line. Depp was interesting as Mort Rainey and, I thought, played the part well. I also thought John Turturro (who I loved as Pete in Oh Brother Where Art Thou) was great as John Shooter. Of course, I’d read the King story, so whether or not the movie was predictable is difficult to say since — even though it had been some 15 years since I read the story — any predictability could probably be due to a distant, vague knowledge of what was coming.

All in all, a pretty good movie, gave it three Netflix stars (“liked it”).

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