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Movies: Troy & Stealth

November 20, 2005

Number One Son and I had a double feature night last night and watched Stealth, then Troy. Number One Son mostly read (Rainbow Six, by Tom Clancy) during Troy and just paid attention to the fight scenes. Both were okay movies, nothing to write home about, gave ’em a Netflix three stars. Stealth, of course, was totally unbelievable, with lots of fairly glaring “nuh-uh” moments, but if you forgave those things it was fun to watch.

During Stealth, I was reminded of an old Saturday Night Live skit where either Eddie Murphy or Garrett Morris was in a “war movie” skit. If you remember the skit, you’ll know what I found amusing about Jamie Foxx’s character in the movie. I guess some things never change.

Troy was mostly interesting for the fight sequences; there was little of the plot that was of interest. I was pretty tired of Brad Pitt’s character, Achilles, by the end. Nothing of any value from this guy, and I think there was supposed to be. Ah, well, if the worst I have going is a disagreement with the philosophical ideals of Hollywood, I’m okay.

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