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It’s a sixty minute game

November 15, 2005

Last night I was banished to the bedroom to watch Monday night football (actually, banished prior to the game starting) because SWMBO had some folks over to practice the music for the upcoming Sander’s Family Christmas community play. I thought it would be the usual couple of people (Berl & Stanley being their character names), but more like fifteen or twenty showed up. Now, Berl & Stanley come over at least once per week to work on the music (I don’t think most cast members realize how much extra work these three, SWMBO and the other two, put into the play so the music is ready), but this was a conflaguration (a perfectly good word) of people. But since I was going to hide in the bedroom in either case, it only mattered when I went to the kitchen for munchies – had to wind my way through guitar cases, mandolin cases, banjo cases, fiddle cases, and so forth.

But, back to to the Monday night game, the Eagles won for 56 minutes; unfortunately for them, it’s a sixty minute game. Dallas makes a quick touchdown, it’s a six point game. McNabb makes an errant throw, and it’s a win for Dallas. The blame can be placed on the Eagles defense deciding the game was won and letting Dallas march easily for the score to cut it to six, or blame can be placed on McNabb for the bad decision on the throw. Doesn’t matter, I’m a Packer fan, so who cares who wins (though I was pulling for the Eagles). But what crossed my mind is that much of life is like that; it’s a sixty minute game, whether talking about a particular project, a particular goal, or life altogether. Doesn’t matter how hard you work or how far you are ahead; get complacent and it can be over with a bit of a let down or an error in judgment. Just crossed my mind; must be in a philosophical mood, though this is pop philosophy at best.

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