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Gotta have a “hello world” post

November 9, 2005

If you have ever learned a programming language, they traditionally start with a “hello world” program. That is, the first program you write generally is designed to display/print “hello world.” So, I suppose, this would be my “hello world” post.

My primary purpose for the blogspot is to keep up with certain activities of mine: reading, writing, exercise, weight loss, and so forth. More than anything, it’s for me to check the progress I make toward certain goals and, while it’s shared with the world, it’s doubtful I’ll share it on a personal level. That’s to say, it is doubtful I’ll be passing out the address to friends and family. If someone drops by through aimless wandering, fine, feel free to read and respond.

As this is intended to just be a quick and dirty, flow of consciousness sort of thing, I’m not going to particularly worry about grammar, spelling, and so forth. These are just ramblings, for the most part, so don’t be surprised at grammatical errors and spelling mistakes you may find along the way.

I’ll add a “goal” post later, and from that I will post my progress toward those goals as time goes by. Maybe, by making them quasi-public (in an anonymous sort’a fashion), it will help me maintain the efforts toward those goals.

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